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225 Patchen Avenue (Between Macon and Macdonough Streets)
Brooklyn, NY 11233 - 718-638-1830


Excellence Boys scholars will graduate from college despite the very grim odds facing their demographic. According to Education Week, more than half of all African-American male students drop out of high school. U.S. Census data show that less than 8% of young African-American men (ages 18-29) have graduated from college, compared to 17% of young White men and 35% of young Asian men. These education gaps, according to a UC-Berkeley study, result in there being more Black dropouts in their late twenties in prison than in a job.

Excellence Boys represents a response to these alarming trends. We believe that success in school leads to success in life. For our boys, success begins with Excellence.

Focus on Literacy and Math

The most important factor determining success in school is a child's ability to read. The strongest indicator of future college-attendance is a child's coursework in mathematics.

Excellence Boys Charter School's academic program emphasizes these two disciplines. Every K-4 Elementary Academy student has at least three periods of language arts instruction (phonics, reading comprehension, and either the Destination Learning computer-based literacy program [K-1] or independent work [2-4]), writing, and math. as well as social studies, science, art or music, and physical fitness each day. Our Middle Academy scholars have 55-minute periods each day dedicated to our core subjects, including Reading, Writing, Math Problem Solving, Math Procedures, History, and Science.

Not just "more of the same," each class gives students and teachers the time needed to master distinct sets of academic skills in reading, writing, arithmetic, and problem-solving.

Our literacy curriculum builds strong readers who love to read and pursue reading independently outside of school.

Our mathematics curriculum builds students who use math in their everyday lives and feel at home in an increasingly technological world.

Teach Until They Learn

At Excellence Boys, we give our students every possible chance to learn. A longer school day from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM, a longer school year, small class-sizes, and homework every day for every student result in more time on task for students. In addition to intensive language arts and math instruction each day, we also provide after-school tutoring, a Saturday Tutoring Academy, and summer school remediation. High expectations for our students are meaningless if we cannot provide the resources that they need to fulfill those expectations.

The Best Teachers

Excellence Boys' success is dependent upon a staff of smart, committed, and experienced individuals who work relentlessly to achieve results in their classrooms. Excellence Boys is committed to providing our teachers with a competitive compensation package and the necessary tools to succeed. Every Friday, we dismiss early so teachers have time to reflect on curriculum and instruction and develop strategies to support individual students.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Excellence Boys focuses on academics, but realizes that success depends on more than academic ability. Leadership, creativity, teamwork, perseverance, patience, and self-expression are just a few of the other characteristics that build successful lives. The best schools provide a forum for students to develop these traits outside of the classroom.

Excellence Boys provides an extensive extra-curricular program that consists of rich offerings in athletics and the arts. These activities foster personal growth and allow us to further promote the school's Core Values.

Excellence in Character

Excellence Boys has unapologetically high expectations for each of our scholars for both academics and behavior. We cultivate in our young men the knowledge, skills, and character necessary to succeed academically, embrace responsibility, and become honorable citizens and courageous leaders.

Excellence Boys has an energetic, orderly, and productive environment where teachers can focus on teaching and boys can focus on learning. School uniforms, clear and consistent discipline and merit systems, daily routines and rituals, and school-wide academic support help ensure a structured environment.

At the same time, students expect excellence from one another. This means that it is "cool" for boys to be smart, curious scholars who show excitement for school and enthusiasm for learning. Free from social pressures and stereotypes, students at Excellence Boys help each other succeed and feel safe taking responsible academic and personal risks. There are no limits to life's possibilities for our students.

Each week ends with a Friday Community Meeting in both the Elementary and Middle Academies. Each Community Meeting features student accomplishments and reinforces the values that are celebrated at Excellence Boys. Classes perform memorized poems related to school values, individual students present knowledge they acquired during the week, teachers highlight exceptional academic work, and the Spirit Stick is presented to the student who best exemplified the spirit of Excellence Boys. This scholar then has the honor and responsibility of carrying the Spirit Stick throughout the following week, serving as a role model to other students.