Social Studies


Sadie is studying at a park when the noises around her suddenly get louder. What would be best for Sadie to do at this point?

turn her back to the noise in order to keep from being distracted
Ignore the noise and get back to studying
stay in the park but look up occasionally to see what's going on
leave the park and find a quieter study spot

2 Answer

  • Leave the park and find a quieter spot
  • Answer:

    D, leave the park.


    A park is a place associated with quietness. Sadie is studying there hoping to be in  a place without many interactions. Some people can study in a noisy environment, some prefer or need complete silence.

    If the noises around Sadie suddenly get louder, she should leave the park and find a quieter spot to continue learning. Turning her back to the noise would be difficult as noise is penetrating, ignoring it may be impossible as well. If Sadie really wants to learn, the only way to do so in peace is to leave the park.