the lenths of the sides of are 1/x, 1/2x, and 2/3x meters. Find a rational expression for the perimeter of the triangle..can anyone help bad at word problems

1 Answer

  • Please use parentheses (especially for denominators) when interpreting fractions.
    For example, the parentheses of 1/(2x) is mandatory, otherwise 1/2x means (1/2)x by the rules of PEMDAS.
    Similarly for 2/3x (or 2/(3x).

    From the look of it, I assume you mean the side lengths are 1/x, 1/(2x), 1/(3x).  If it is the case, the solution follows:
    The perimeter is the sum of the three sides.
    so perimeter = 1/x+1/(2x)+1/(3x)=6/(6x)+3/(6x)+2/(6x)=11/(6x).