Jared is putting a new deck off the kitchen. The deck will be 94.45 inches deep. He will use 16 boards that are each 5.7 inches wide. He has to leave a small space between the boards. If the 15 spaces between the boards are all equal, how wide will they be?

1 Answer

  • 16 boards that are 5.7 inches wide each make a total of 91.20 inches.
    x 5.7
     91.2 inches

    Since the deck itself is 94.45 inches deep, we can subtract 91.2 from the number:

       3.25 inches.

    Finally, we divide 3.25 by 15, since that's the amount of spaces we want and they have to be equal:

    3.25/15= .21667

    We'll round that to two numbers, so we'll end up with .22.

    Your final answer is .22 inches wide for each space.