Describe a time when you felt antagonized or were responsible for antagonizing someone yourself.

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  • as soon as i arrived at the sleepover, i knew that all her new "friends" were horrible. each of them snarled and scowled sourly at me. when i tried to sit down on the sofa next to Britney., that evil witch Morgan shoved me violently onto the ground with her huge bottom. "*****!" i muttered under my breath. she still heard though and hissed at me like the horrible snake she is. Then, she turned back to Britney and smiled falsely whilst twirling her hair and turning on the charm. "stay away!" she said through gritted teeth and turned back to¬†my best friend. I hadher first and now I was being pushed away...

  • Antagonize means in my own words to provoke someone to hostility.

    Every day my mom makes little but unnecessary comments ( i.e. because of you, I have no nerves left.... When you ask a question like, Are you going to read these magazines and she replies, sure because I've got nothing better to do...and on and on it goes) that provokes me to want to verbally lash out at her. This would be an example of being antagonized. I don't lash out by the way.

    Hopefully this helps.