Average national teachers salaries can be modeled using the equation y=9.25(1.06)^n , where y is the salary in thousands of dollars and n is the number of years since 1970
A) graph the function
B) using this model, what can a teacher expect to have as a salary in year 2020?
Please help !

1 Answer

  • [tex]y=9.25(1.06)^{n}[/tex]
    Plug in [tex]n[/tex] to find [tex]y[/tex].
    [tex]n[/tex] would be [tex]50[/tex] because [tex]2020-1970=50[/tex].

    Use order of operations to solve.
    [tex]y=9.25(1.06)^{50} \\ y=9.25(18.42) \\ y=170.39[/tex]

    Since [tex]y[/tex] is the salary in thousands, multiply [tex]170.39[/tex] by [tex]1000[/tex].

    A teacher can expect to have about $17,039 as a salary in the year 2020.