Scientists who study Atlantic salmon have found that the oxygen consumption of a yearling salmon O is given by the function O=100. 3^(3s/5) , where s is the speed that the fish is traveling in feet per second
A) what is the oxygen consumption of a fish that is traveling at 5 feet per second ?
B) If a fish has traveled 4.2 miles in an hour. What is its oxygen consumption

1 Answer

  • [tex]O=100\cdot3^{\tfrac{3\cdot5}{5}}\\ O=100\cdot3^3\\ O=100\cdot27\\ O=2700\\\\ 4.2 \text{ mph}\approx6.16\dfrac{\text{ft}}{\text{s}}\\ O=100\cdot3^{\tfrac{3\cdot6.16}{5}}\\ O=100\cdot3^{3.7}\\ O=100\cdot58.3\\ O=5830[/tex]