An object will remain at rest or maintain constant, straight-line motion unless acted on by a force that is ___________________.A.inertialB.balancedC.unbalancedD.along a straight lineCan someone explain it somehow for me?.

2 Answer

  • C.unbalanced
    Newton's Law explains that an object continues at constant speed due to the net force acting on the object being zero. When the net force is not zero (unbalanced), then there is a net force and the object will accelerate.
  • c) unbalanced . Because if the forces on an object are not balanced, meaning the sum of them is not '0' the object will accelerate to the direction of their sum.

    You can see it in the picture. The forces on the object A  are balanced meaning their sum is 0 so it will remain at rest or maintain constant. But object B the forces acting on it are not balanced so it will accelerate to the right.