Which group convinced President James Madison to go to war with England in 1812? A. land-hungry politicians from the West and South B. angry veterans of the Revolutionary War C. wealthy shipbuilders from New England D. radical members of the Federalist Party

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  • In Congress, there were about 20 men, called "War Hawks" that pressured Madison to declare war on Britain to stop the British from attack American ships and impressing their sailors in the British Navy.

    I think the answer is A.
  • Answer: A. land-hungry politicians from the West and South.

    The people who most supported the idea of war were a group of young Congressmen from the West and South known as the "War Hawks." These congressmen were particularly land-hungry, and their desire for war was driven by their expansionists interests. They wanted to add territories such as those of Canada and Florida to the territory of the United States, as well as to continue pushing the frontier West into indigenous lands. This group was particularly influential in Madison's decision to declare war to Great Britain.