The height of a meeting room that's measures 19 m by 12 m is 3 m. Glen plans to apply 2 coats of paint to the walls of the room. A 4 L can of paint covers about 30m
What is the surface area of the walls to be painted? How many cans of paint will Glen need?

1 Answer

  • so this meeting room is 3 by 19 by 12

    surface area/wall area=2(height times width)+2(height times depth)+2(width times depth)

    lets say 3=height

    2(3 times 12)+2(3 times 19)+2(12 times19)=2(36)+2(57)+2(228)=72+114+456=642

    2 coats of paint so surface area times 2
    642 times 2=1284
    assuming 30m means 30 square meters we divide 1284 by 30 and get
    1284/30=42 and 4/5 or 42.8
    then find how many cans by dividing by 4
    42.8/4=10 and 1.4/2=10.7, but you cant buy 0.7 of a can so round up and get
    11 cans of paint

    he needs 11 cans of paint