how does precipitation return to the water cycle

2 Answer

  • Water runs downhill and it spreads out. Somewhere along the lines, the sun heats this water, and the vapor goes back into the clouds, where it goes back into the cycle. It can also reenter the cycle through urination or other forms of waste.
  • During the water cycle, water transforms from clouds to rain, which seeps into the ground. The water in the ground, with the heated temperature, evaporates into the air, therefore rising into the sky where the water particles condense into a cloud, and the process repeats.

    Precipitation is the amount of water that falls from the sky in the form of rain. For example, let's say that the precipitation count for a small town in Missouri is 2 inches. That means that 2 inches of rain has been absorbed into the ground, and that water travels into plants and the grass to help them grow. After that nutritional process is completed, the leftover water evaporates into the air and condenses into a cloud.

    Hope this helps you!!