Which group of people broke free of Egyptian rule, establishing the city of Meroe farther south along the Nile River? Arabs Hutu Kush Bantu

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  • In order to use the Nile for irrigation in Egypt is based on a very old history. In the 19th century with the construction of the dam and in a wider area of the channel and are in constant watering. Aswan Dam on the Nile River and irrigation is vital to Egypt as well as in electricity generation. Throughout history, the Nile, and is also used heavily in transportation today.
    The river forms a large delta before emptying into the sea. The distance from the sea, 160 miles south of the delta, starting from Cairo. Is located in the distance from Port Said and Alexandria on the Mediterranean coast in the western and eastern ends of the delta from this point is 250 km. The arms are numerous canals and lakes in the Delta. However, the two main branches of the river into the sea.
  • Is kush my friends i hope this helps