1.)how did the umayyads unite the muslim states

2.)what problems caused the umayyads to lose the support of many people in the empire

3.)how did the abbasids make sure they held onto power

4.)why is the abbasid period considered a golden age for muslim culture

5.)why did abbasid rule end

6.)what changes did the umayyads bring to Spain

7.)what made Córdoba a great city during umayyad rule

8.)why are the 1000s and 1100s a golden age in Al-Andalus

1 Answer

  • answer for the 1st question :

    Because they had a common language and coinage and they set up bureaucracy.

    answer for the 2nd question :

    the group called ABBASID caused the umayyads to lose support of many people in the empire.

    answer fir the 3rd question :

    beacause they built a strong standing army and moved the capital to baghdad.

    answer for the 4th question :

    because of the developments of science and philosophy and all aspects of life in addition to maintaining equal human rights.

    answer for the 5th question :

    because some abvasids rulers were fond of easy living and people were hating the abbasids rulers alot .

    answer for the 6th question :

    the create a long unified muslim kingdom with Cardoba as its capital in spain .

    answer for 7th question :

    because it had 250,000 population and 3000 mosques in it thats why it was a great city.

    hope it helps