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Why might issues such as adult education and child welfare have been important to Governor Minner? Can you put the answer in a paragraph please! Thanks in advance!

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  • Lifelong learning is a cultural understanding of our society and of each individual settlement, without considering the differences, to be a part of lifelong learning is of critical importance for our growing community. Adult education is a part of the lifelong learning.In case of a special needs child's home circumstances or because of other reasons, the child welfare service will provide additional support for children and families. Priority will be given to what has been considered the best for the child.
    This kind of support, counseling, personal support, and financial assistance may be provided in the form of home visits. Support may also be provided by a dry place or not adopted. Whenever possible, children should live at home. The presence and problems of the cause of the problem is given to consultation with the parents and child.