which type of lava flows easily? a) silica-rich b) composite c) basaltic d) smooth

2 Answer

  • Basaltic lava flows easily. Basaltic lava flows erupt primarily from shield volcanoes, scoria and spatter cones, and fissure systems. 
  • The answer is c,
    Basaltic lava flows easily.
    Basaltic lava is the most abundant lava on earth and is the lava most commonly depicted in pictures and media. Basaltic lava is another term for mafic lava. Mafic lava is molten rock that is enriched in iron and magnesium and low in silica. When mafic lava cools on the earth's surface, it forms basalt, which is why mafic lava is commonly called 'basaltic lava'.