Some people with spinal cord injuries do not sweat below the area of the injury. Without the ability to sweat, the
human body temperature begins to rise. Which statement would best describe this situation?
Feedback mechanisms regulate blood sugar levels.
Gene mutations are increased.
Energy from ATP is not available,
Dynamic equilibrium is disrupted,

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  • Answer:

    The dynamic equilibrium of the body is disrupted as a result of a spinal cord injury. So the answer is 'D'.


    The whole body works on the command of the brain. The brain is responsible for sending messages to the body via the spinal cord. If there is any damage to the spinal cord the message will not reach the body.

    Even, if the message goes to the spinal nerves, the message cannot climb back up. Also, the usual reflex movements are not under the control of the brain. A person with a spinal cord injury cannot sweat or even have goosebumps and as a result the temperature rises. The equilibrium of transmission and receiving back of the messages is disturbed.