which theme is best illustrated by this passage from grendel?
i could laugh if it were't for the pain than makes me howl. and yet i address [Beowulf], whispering, whimpering, whining."if you win,it's by mindless chance. make no mistake."
A) everyone is afraid of pain.
B)life is all about taking chances.
C) in the end, life is meaningless.
D) the ultimate goal is to win

2 Answer

  • Answer: C)


    • The speaker in this passage is allowing his enemy or opponent to win against him and we can see that in ''If you win, it's by mindless chance.'' He is telling him to make no mistakes.
    • The winning of his opponent is not because he is better or stronger than him. His winning is because of the speaker's feelings and his lack of will for living.

    Grendel is an Anglo-Saxon epic poem character by Beowulf and he is feared by everyone except Beowulf in the poem.

  • Answer:

    And yet I address him, whispering, whimpering, whining. "If you win, it's by mindless chance. Make no mistake." (171)