What is the solution to the system of equations
3(-2x + y) = 12
1) no solution
2) infinite solutions
3) (-1,6)
4) (1/2,9)

2 Answer

  • Answer:

    No solution

    Step-by-step explanation:

    There is no way we can find the value of y, if x eliminates itself. Therefore, there is no solution.

  • The system of equations has no solution.hence option d is correct.


    Equation is described as the state of being equal, and it is commonly represented as a math expression with equal values on both sides, or it refers to a problem involving numerous variables.

    How to find olution to the system?

    The given equation is

    y=2x+8  ..(1)

    3(-2x + y) = 12  ...(2)

    Substitute the y value in equation 2 from equation (1)

    3(-2x + 2x+8) = 12



    Hence the system of equations has no solution.

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