2. Explain the strengths or skills that you have and how they contribute to either academic or personal

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    The strengths or skills that I have are "high self-esteem" and "optimism."


    Self-esteem refers to the confidence in doing a particular task while optimism is all about being positive in any situation.

    Firstly, having a high self-esteem made me reach my goals in life. For example in school, I would always showcase my abilities and skills in every subject, without worrying about my classmates' opinions, criticisms or comments. I was able to enter the best university because of my high self-esteem. I've always been confident about passing every examination with flying colors. Secondly, my optimistic personality gave me the courage to rise every time I fall or fail. It is natural to have failures in life and all you have to do is to get back on your feet, realize your mistakes and do better next time. Being optimistic gave me the strength to move on and focus on worthy issues.

    Personally speaking, having a high-self-esteem and being optimistic nurtured my social relationships. They gave me confidence in dealing with people and guided me in responding to conflicts. I was also able to become a better version of myself.