How does the geography of the Gulf coastal plain affect Mexico's economy? Earthquakes and volcanoes make the area unstable.

The mountains keep rainfall from the area.

Oil and natural gas underlie the area.

The porous bedrock of the area creates sinkholes.

1 Answer

  • Oil and natural gas underlie the area

    The geography of the Gulf of Mexico as a coastal plain has enabled it to have oil and gas deposits which contribute largely to Mexico's economy.


    There are huge gas and oil deposits in the Gulf of Mexico which is the reason the region has numerous offshore mining rigs that mine the natural products.  The geography of the region, as a coastal wetland, began in the Crustaceous period, allowing algae and planktons to be deposited with sediments and over many years the pressure and temperature from overlying layers  of sediments caused the biotic matter to turn to hydrocarbons.

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