Round 5.19424860514 tho the 6 decimal

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  • Answer:

    It would be 5.1942486

    Step-by-step explanation:

    Becuase the 0 is after the 6 the 6 stays as it is and there is no need to round up or down

  • We're starting with 5.19424860514, and we need to round to the 6th decimal. 1st, we need to identify the 6th place. In this case, that is 8. Everything before that is the same no matter what. 5.19424 is our base. We need to look at the 860514. More specifically, the 86. 6 is over 4, so the 8 becomes a 9 using basic rounding rules. Therefore, our final answer is 5.194249

    Hope this helps!