If you are taking a legal dose of a prescribed drug and you are involved in a collision:

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  • Answer: The drivers on prescription drugs are hard to convict is said in an article in the New York Times. So the drivers are also at the risk of arrest who are taking a legal dose of prescribed drug.


    Many people believe that the "driving under the influence" involves only the consumption of illegal drugs and the consumption of booze. This will result in the penalizing the people who are involved in this and suspending the license of that person.

    But if you are on a dose of a legal drug and then an accident happens, then also the person is at the risk of an arrest. But it is not very easy to convict that person because he is under the influence of a drug which has been prescribed to him by the doctor. In this case, it is not easy to take test of that person to know the level of drugs or taking any charge against him is also tough by the police.