Mrs.Cady constructs a cube with 1331 magnetic blocks. Then 256 students at her school and 388 students at another school each make an identical cube. How many magnetic blocks do the students use in all.

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  • Answer:

    857164 magnetic block.

    Step-by-step explanation:

    Given: Each cube constructed with 1331 magnetic block.

              Mrs. cady has 256 student in her school and 388 student in another school make an identical cube.

    First lets find out total number of students in both schools.

    Total student= [tex]256+388= 644\ students[/tex]

    ∴ Total number of students is 644, who make identical cube.

    Now, finding number of magnetic blocks do student use in all.

    We will use unitary method.

    Each cube require 1331 magnetic blocks.

    As there are total 644 students making each cube

    ∴ 644 cubes require = [tex]644\ cubes\times 1331\ magnetic\ block= 857164[/tex]

    857164 magnetic blocks, student use in all.