The Chinstrap Penguin about 68.58 centimeters tall whilethe Emperor penguin is 1.143 meters tall. How many centimeters taller is theEmperor penguin than the chinstrap pengin

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  • Answer:

    45.72 cm

    Step-by-step explanation:

    Given: Height of the Chinstrap Penguin= 68.58 cm

               Height of the Emperor penguin= 1.143 meter

    Lets calculate the height of Emperor penguin in centimeter.

    Remember, 1 meter = 100 centimeter

    ∴ Converting the unit of height of Emperor penguin.

    [tex]1.143\times 100= 114.3\ cm[/tex]

    Height of Emperor penguin is 114.3 cm.

    Now, comparing the height of Chinstrap penguin and Emperor penguin´s height.

    [tex]114.3\ cm - 68.58\ cm= 45.72\ cm[/tex]

    The Emperor penguin is 45.72 cm taller than Chinstrap penguin.