Think of a system you're familiar with, and then answer the following questions.

a. What system did you choose?

b. What are the inputs of the system?

c. What are the outputs of the system?

d. Choose an input, and describe what would happen to the system if the input were decreased, so not as much of it was available to the system. Explain whether the system would still work, and mention any outputs that would be effected and why.

1 Answer

  • The system I am familiar with and I am using right now is  :

    a. A simple Loans Management System. The simple Loans Management System I am using right now can make me add, delete and edit client's information as I could also add, delete and edit loan transaction under their names. The system also can perform computations on their loan interest amounts, penalties and rewards.

    b. Some inputs includes: Client basic information (such as Name, Birthdate, Address, Contact Details), Business details (such as business name, business address, business contacts and copies of business documents) and Loan details such as (Principal amount and term).

    c. Outputs of the system includes: Reports regarding client profiles, business profiles and Loan details (with computation of his or her Loan --- principal with addition of interest amount and other fees)

    d. Loans Management System is a system that relies on the accuracy of the Client's registration. It cannot detect errors when it comes to wrong spelling of client's name, address and business details. It will affect the Loans transaction of the client because during searching of client's name and some details are wrong, then loans processors cannot recover the record. It will still work, but problems may arise.