Describe the ways in which your neighborhood or school's neighborhood has been designed for human powered transportation. Write about the features it has or doesn't have, such as sidewalks, crosswalks for crossing the street, bike paths, bike lanes in the road, or other features. Elaborate on how the area can be improved to be better for human powered transportation. Then, explain how you would publish these ideas to reach the largest audience possible. Could you publish this from your home? How?

1 Answer

  • Our neighborhood is not designed for human powered transportation at all. I lived in a village that is close to the main road. Therefore roads entering to my village is extremely busy. Humans almost hate to pass on to our roads since everyday it is full of major vehicles and pollution. Crosswalks are not human friendly as well. Because even there are pedestrians on the roads, drivers doesn't observe proper attitude and discipline. They would step on the gas and pass by pedestrians with great speed even when somebody is crossing on it. We do not have bike lanes as well. Bikes are mixed with major vehicles.  

    This has been raised to the Mayor's office from time to time and apparently for years of complaints, this action has remained unresolved. As a part of community initiative, us, home owners in our village contributed to repaint pedestrians, and some of us take some time to volunteer as enforcers to minimize traffic road problems.

    We have initiated to broadcast this problem by creating a visual presentation via electronic billboards along the area to let the citizen know of the problem and the solution would start within ourselves. We are still waiting for the outcomes.