Read the following excerpt about water availability to living organisms.

“Water covers 75 percent of Earth. 97 percent of water on Earth is salt water. Only 3 percent of water is available as fresh water, but most of this water is locked up in solid glaciers and polar ice caps.”

Based on this information, which is the best approximation of the amount of water on the planet that is available for animals to drink?
1 percent
3 percent
10 percent
75 percent

2 Answer

  • Answer:

    1 percent


    It says that only 3 percent of the water is fresh. So it can be 1 percent or 3 percent. But then it says that most of the water is locked up in glaciers and polar ice caps. So the animals would have a hard time getting to this water. So the rest is available for them. Approximately 1 percent is most reasonable.

  • Answer:

    1 percent (A)