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What kind of world will we be living in after a century?

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    Looking at current trends, it is clear that China's unprecedented growth will continue throughout the twenty first and twenty second century, possibly surpassing and replacing the United States as the world's most powerful and most prosperous nation. The recent conviction of He Jiankui, while seemingly insignificant on a global scale, may mark the beginning of a new era, one reminiscent of the 1997 drama Gattaca, where genetic modification in humans is commonplace. A new threat has made itself apart with the turn of the twenty first century, the threat of extremism and insurgency, and this threat will only continue to grow in the next century. As the world becomes more interconnected and reliant on technology, the damage possible through large scale cyber-attacks, as well as the incentives to engage in such, will only grow larger. Drug resistant disease strains are also on the rise, and the next century may see an increase in deaths resulting from previously curable diseases.