Kenneth John makes a deposit at an ATM and receives $75.00 in cash and a receipt for the $872.25 total deposit. He remembers that the checks deposited totaled twice the currency he deposited. He did not deposit any coins. What amount in currency did he deposit? What amount in checks did he deposit?

1 Answer

  • Answer:

    Currency= $291 and check= $581.25.

    Step-by-step explanation:

    Given: Cash received= $75

              Total deposit= $872.25

    Lets assume currency deposited be dollar "x"

    ∴  As given check deposited will be "2x"  

    Now, calculating amount of currency deposited.

    We know that, [tex]currency\ deposit + check\ deposit= \$872.25[/tex]

    ∴ [tex]x+2x= \$872.25[/tex]


    Cross multiplying

    ∴[tex]x= \$290.75 \approx \$291 \textrm{ as Kenneth John have not deposited any coins}[/tex]

    ∴  Amount of currency deposited is $291.

    Next, computing to get amount deposited through check.

    As we know check deposited is double of currency.

    Check deposited= [tex]2\times \$291= \$ 582[/tex]

    ∵ No coins were deposited and there is total deposit is $872.25.

    We will consider amount deposited through check is $581.25.