Social Studies


what groups of people does crevecoeur omit from his essay? how might their veiw of america be different

1 Answer

  • Crèvecoeur omits the many waffling people in the middle, who wanted to stay home on their farms rather than shed blood for either side


    John de Crèvecoeur is French born American who had done many roles in his life term like he was farmer and very good writer. In his Letter from an American Farmer he narrated the life style of American in the period of 18th century. His narration is extremely based on the how America transformed from the old thoughts and how the people has accustomed to the various races of people settled over there. He was the keen observer of the revolution and narrated his thoughts in the “Letter from an American Farmer”. While do so he has omitted the waffling people of middle who were not involved themselves in the revolution rather they were do their farming activities.